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How to create a Runbook?


There might be a situation where you might need to perform an operation as per the specific requirements of your organization that cannot be performed by the inbuilt Runbooks. Motadata AIOps allows you to create custom, reusable, and modular runbooks so you are able to perform these operations.

Adding a new runbook for a commonly recurring task will not only help to increase the overall speed of your operations but will also ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Go to Menu, Select Settings . After that, Go to Plugin Library . Select Runbook. The Runbook screen is now displayed.

Select to start creating a runbook.

Types of Runbook

Motadata AIOps facilitates creating multiple Runbooks based on the communication protocol required to connect to the monitor. The Runbooks can be categorized as follows:

  1. SSH
  2. Power Shell
  3. SNMP
  4. Trace Route
  5. Database
  6. HTTP
  7. Custom