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Asset Management

What is Asset Management?

The Asset Management module tracks, monitors, and manages all the assets of the organization, be it Hardware, Software, or Non-IT. Also, it tracks the finances and contracts associated with the assets making it easy to maintain all the related records. It is designed to align with the complexity of assets and related functions. It empowers the IT to automate end-to-end asset lifecycle management, manage CMDB (Configuration Management Database), perform automatic discovery, generate reports, and much more.

Without asset management would lead to the manual maintenance of asset records, resulting into over utilization of time, energy, and cost. Also, if you would search for a particular record manually the task may turn up to be a nightmare. Motadata’s Asset Management helps to overcome all these issues by easily recording all the assets and its related data at one place.

All in all, the Motadata Asset Management system brings in simplicity, scalability, and robust features so that you can efficiently manage your IT and Non-IT Assets along with the cost of keeping them.

Key Features:

Hardware Asset Management

Hardware Asset Management is a service oriented practice which involves noting and managing the assignee, deployment, utilization and usage of all hardware assets within the organization. Motadata Asset Management provides tools for organizations to perform hardware asset management efficiently.

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a business practice that involves managing and optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software applications within an organization. Motadata Asset Management provides tools for organizations to perform SAM effectively and efficiently.

Non- IT Asset Management

Non-IT Assets are non-pingable Assets like furniture, stationery, personnel, etc.

Software License Management

Software License Management is a service that involves creating and managing licenses. You can also import software licenses in bulk.

Software Meter

Software Meter is a convenient tool to track the utilization of a software application across machines in an organization. Using this, CMDB can track two usage statistics of a software asset using an Agent.

Prohibit Software

Using this module, you can ensure that none of the computers have the prohibited software installed. This can be done by creating policies to prohibit or auto uninstall the required software from the computers. Also, you can block the USB devices from which malicious software can be installed. The IT asset management allows you to block certain file extensions that pose a threat for the organization.

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