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System Health Settings

These settings help Motadata to flag Computers as either Highly Vulnerable or Vulnerable.

To view the System Health Settings page, navigate to Admin > Patch Management > System Health Settings.

Here, you can set the conditions separately to define Highly Vulnerable and Vulnerable.

System Health Settings page
System Health Settings page

Click on Edit to make the fields editable. You are expected to enter the minimum number of missing Patches for each severity label.

Each vulnerability status has a set of four severity labels and their counts. No two same labels can have the same numbers.

The number zero in a field signifies that there’s no condition for the corresponding severity label.

If a Computer has a missing Patch number that is equal to or exceeds a minimum value for a label, then the Computer is flagged with the corresponding health status. In case a Computer satisfies multiple labels then the label top in the hierarchy is considered (Critical Patches having the highest priority and Low severity having the lowest).

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