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Automatic Patch Test

The Patch Management process consists of detecting the missing patches, installing them, and also patching other fixes at regular intervals. The fixes are  patched by providing the latest updates. This entire process can be automated to enable the computers to remain updated with the recent patch releases from the third-party software. Integrating Automated Patch Management can prevent security risks and help in consistently patching the system-critical OSs and applications.

In this section, you can view and control all the patch tests related to the Windows. All the patches in the list and their different options available like searching, updating, details, etc. about all the patch tests are included.

The Automated Patch Management works by automating the various stages of the patch process like:

  • Scanning for the missing patches.
  • Automatically downloading the missing patches.
  • Automatically deploying the patches based on the deployment policies.

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