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Creating a Contract

You can create a new contract directly into the system when you are logged in. To create a Contract,

  1. Navigate to the Contracts page and click the Create Contract button on the top-right corner of the page. The following page appears.
Create Contract Button
Create Contract Button
Creating a Contract
Creating a Contract
  1. Enter the following details:
    • Name: Enter the name of the contract.
    • Contract Number: Enter the number of the contract.
    • Contract Type: Select the type of contract from the dropdown. The default options are: Lease, Warranty, Maintenance, and Support. To configure additional contract types, click here.
    • Parent Contract: Select the contract which you want to associate as a parent contract from the dropdown. The dropdown displays all the contracts available on the Contract List View page. Once a contract is assigned as a parent, its children contracts will be available in the Child Contracts tab of the Contract Details Page.
    • Vendor: Select the vendor with whom the contract is to be created. You can also add a vendor if not available in the list. For more details, refer to the Vendor Catalog page.
    • Contract Start Date: Select the date from which the contract will start.
    • Contract End Date: Select the date till which the contract will end.
    • Cost (USD): Enter the cost of the contract.
    • Department: Select the department.
    • Owner: Select the owner of the contract.
    • Description: Enter the description of the contract.
    • Attachments: Attach the documents related to the contract.
  2. Once done, click Create, and a confirmation message appears. Once created, you can update or perform actions on it from the Details page.

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