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Architecture of Agent-Based Setup

The agent-based setup consists of two main components at a high level:

  • Agent
  • AIOps Server

Let us discuss the two major components in further detail.

  • AgentAgent is installed on the server that you need to monitor. This unified agent has multiple capabilities that include metric polling, log forwarding, and more capabilities which we will see in the future.The agent has two major components which help in its functioning:
    • .exe files (metric, log, and flow)These are executable files present in an agent that operate separately for each category, namely metric, log, and flow. They are a set of specialized executable files that run on each host monitored using an agent. They collect the relevant metrics from the system on which they run. These files then move the collected data to the agent manager for further processing.
    • Agent ManagerThis is a service running on every host that has an agent installed on it. It is responsible for data collection, storing, and moving the data received from all the exe files to the master AIOps server. At the same time, it is also responsible for communicating the UI-level configuration changes made by the user in the agent to all the executable files.
  • AIOps ServerThis is the master server where AIOps is installed. The data collected by the agent are then passed onto the AIOps via the agent manager. This server is the centralized location where you can view and analyze the data from all the hosts monitored by agents.

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