Motadata Docs

File and Directory Monitoring


Motadata enables you to monitor a file or a directory from a monitor (in this case, the monitor would be a server, whether virtual or non-virtual).

The metrics related to a file or a directory can be made available for monitoring by adding its path to the File/Directory Monitor Settings and then running discovery through Rediscover Settings.

Go to Menu, Select Settings . After that, Go to Monitoring . Select File/Directory Monitor Settings to display the list of all the processes in the system.

File/Directory List

The File/Directory Monitor Settings displays the following fields:

Path The path of the file/directory that can be monitored.
Type Indicates whether the path belongs to a File or a Directory.
OS Type The type of operating system to which the File or the Directory belongs. This is further categorized into the following:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • HP-UX
  • Solaris
Actions Select to display permissible actions on the File/Directory. The following actions are available:

  • Edit File/Directory: Select this button to edit the file/directory.
  • Delete File/Directory: Select this button to delete the file/directory.


How to add a new File or Directory for monitoring?

Select the button. A new entry is created in the File/Directory list.

Enter the following details to add a File/Directory for monitoring:

  • Path: Enter the path of the directory or the file that you want to monitor.
  • Type: Select whether you want to monitor a File or a Directory.
  • OS Type: Select the operating system of the monitor to which the file or the directory belongs.

Select to add the path to the list for monitoring.

Select if you do not wish to add the path to the list for monitoring.