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Technician Groups

A Technician Group consists of technicians that perform similar tasks. These groups can be created for users who work either on similar projects or have a similar job role. For example: Support team can be added to a Technician Group for resolving customer issues (tickets). A group has many technicians and a technician can be a part of many groups. You can also add a technician group as a Watcher as well as for Approval.

This tab enables you to create and manage Technician Groups. To view the page, navigate to Admin > Users > Technician Groups, and the page appears.

Technician Groups Page
Technician Groups Page

Here, you can perform the following tasks:

  • View the list of Technician Groups
  • Create Technician Group
  • Edit Technician Group
  • Delete Technician Group

Create a Technician Group

To create a Technician Group,

  1. Click the Create Technician Group button on the top-right corner and the page appears.
Creating a Technician Group
Creating a Technician Group
  1. Enter the following details:
    Parameter Description
    Name Enter the name of the technician group.
    Description Enter the details about the technician group.
    Business Hour Select the business hour during which the technician group will be available to provide support. You can create and assign different business hours. For more details, click Business Hours.
    Technicians Select the technicians whom you want to assign to this group. You can select multiple technicians.
  2. Once done, click Create, and the group will appear in the list.