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Chat Support

The chat support enables to provide immediate assistance to the requesters. For regular queries the chat agent provides the appropriate responses. In case, additional resolution is required, the requesters can also chat with the technicians. Once, an online technician claims the request, the requester can start the communication. The requester can also share images and documents with the technicians.

  • This feature helps the requesters to reach to the technician directly and speedily.
  • The requester is required to have the Chat Support functionality enabled from the Admin.
  • A chat window will appear where you can directly chat with the available technicians.
  • Also, the non-login requesters can access this chatbot to reset the password in case the account is locked or the password is forgotten.
Chat Support for Non-Login Users
Chat Support for Non-Login Users
Chat Support after Login
Chat Support after Login
  • When the Chat icon appears on the Home Page, that means the Chat functionality is Enabled.
  • If Managed Services Provider or Tenant Management feature is enabled, a request can be created via Chat from a branch company’s Support Portal.

Benefits of Chat Support

  • Live Support
  • Sharing of images and documents with the technicians in the form of attachments
  • Immediate Resolution
  • Time Saving
  • Notification to all online technicians for faster Resolution

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