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How to create your own dashboard?

Go to Main Menu, Select Dashboard . The default dashboard screen is displayed.

Click on the drop-down that is present at the top-left corner of the screen beside the main menu. Now, select the button.

The pop-up to create a dashboard is now displayed.

Please fill up the fields in the pop-up as follows:

Dashboard Name Enter a unique name of the dashboard you want to create.
Category Name
  • Select Default to put the dashboard in the default category.
  • Select Create New to create a new dashboard category.
  • Select Public to keep the dashboard visible to all the users.
  • Select Private to keep the dashboard private to particular users.
Users This column appears only if you select Security as Private. Select the users for whom you want to keep this dashboard visible.
Header Font Size Select the font size for the title of each widget.
Horizontal Gap Enter the horizontal distance (in pixels) that you want to set between two widgets.
Vertical Gap Enter the vertical distance (in pixels) that you want to set between two widgets.
Row Height Enter the height (in pixels) of each row in a widget.
Mark as default Select this check-box to mark the dashboard you are creating as the default dashboard which is displayed when you open the Dashboard section from the main menu.

Select Create Dashboard to create the dashboard as per the parameters you selected.

Select Reset to erase all the current field values, if required.

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