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List Page

The list page displays all the available Scenarios. Also, you can view, create, edit, and delete them.

To view the Scenario list page, navigate to Admin > Automation > Scenario.

Scenario Menu
Scenario Menu
Scenario List Page
Scenario List Page

The page provides the following features:

  1. Search: Search the Scenarios using keywords. This is a simple search that matches the keywords as it is.
  2. Create Scenario: Create a new Scenario.
  3. Grid: Displays a list of Scenarios along with their name, description, and status.
  4. Enable: Indicates that the Scenario is in enabled state. You can click on it to disable the Scenario if required. By default, it is in enabled state.
  5. Disable: Indicates that the Scenario is in disabled state. You can click on it to enable the Scenario.
  6. Duplicate: Use the existing Scenario to create a new one. It helps in modifying the existing Scenario without breaking it.
  7. Edit: Edit the existing Scenario to make changes in it. The page is exactly similar to the create page.
  8. Delete: Delete the Scenario if required.

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