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Create a Service Category

A Service Category is a general classification of the type of services that the IT Service Offering provides. It allows you to group the Templates into specific categories.

For example: a new category, called IT is created for the Laptop template.

By default, there are below available Service Catalogs for use.

Default Service Catalogs
Default Service Catalogs

Adding Service Catalog Categories

To add a category, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the Plus icon next to the Service Categories panel and Add Service Category popup appears.
Add Service Category
Add Service Category
  1. Enter the below details:
    • Name: Enter the name of the service category. Here, the name is IT.
    • Description: Enter a brief description of the category.
    • Category Prefix: Enter a prefix for the category to ease the listing for which the service request belongs to. The default prefixes for incident and service requests are INC and SR, respectively. It contains 2-5 characters and supports alphanumeric characters only.
  2. Once done, click Add. You can also edit or delete it if not required later.

Once a category is created, associate it with a request, its prefix will be visible in the service request subject. Further, it changes as per the category selected. You can add or edit an existing service and associate it with the category.

Adding and Associating a Service to the Category

To add a service,

  1. Click the Service Category (IT) to which you want to associate the service. A list of associated services will appear.
  2. Click Add Service from the top-right corner as shown below.
Adding Service
Adding Service
  1. In the Create Service page, enter the below details:
    • Service Name: Enter the name of the service.
    • Service Description: Enter a short description of the service.
    • Category: Select the service category to which you want to associate the service.
    • Status: Define the status of the service as Draft or Published. If published, the service will be available to the requesters for selection.
    • Group Access Level: Select the groups whom you want to allow the access of the service.
    • Subject: Enter the subject of the service request. You can also insert a placeholder using the Insert Placeholder link.
    • Description: Enter the description of the service request.
    • Cost: Enter the cost of the service.
    • Profile Picture: Select the image for the service.
Entering Details while Creating a Service
Entering Details while Creating a Service
  1. Once the details are filled, click Create. You can now create a service catalog template and define the form fields, Workflows, SLAs, Approval Workflows, Tasks, Scenarios, Form rules, and Email Notifications for it.
Editing a Service
Editing a Service