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Adding Relations

This tab enables you to build a contextual information by linking the various items. It gives you an option to create relationships between a purchase order and other Requests, Assets, and Projects.

Relations Tab
Relations Tab

On this page you get the following features:

  1. View all the items associated with the purchase order.
  2. Associate a request, asset, or project with the purchase order using the Add Relation button.
    Note: This button is available only if the approval of a purchase order is not in pending state.
  3. Remove the related items from the grid.
  4. View the details of the associated ticket by clicking on its link.
  5. View the count of the linked entities besides the Relations label.

Add Relation

To associate an item with the purchase order,

  1. Click the Add Relation button and a popup appears.
  2. Select the Asset Type from the dropdown list.
  3. Select the assets from the list in the table.
  4. Click the Add Relation button and the asset gets related. You can view this asset in the Assets tab as shown in the below-right figure.
Associating Asset with the Purchase Order
Associating Asset with the Purchase Order
Associated Assets
Associated Assets

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