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What is a Monitor?

A Monitor is an IT infrastructure component discovered and subsequently provisioned in Motadata for the purpose of monitoring. The monitor facilitates judging the real-time state of the system and generates insights into its performance.

At the application level, a monitor is any entity that is provisioned by a Motadata user after running a discovery. Motadata keeps track of the various performance metrics for an IT infrastructure at the monitor level. The data polling for the metrics is done by Motadata at the monitor level.

The analysis and the insights provided by Motadata via any of its multiple features, be it, Topology, Metric explorer, Log explorer, or Alerts and Policies is done by using the values of the metrics collected at the monitor level.

Let us understand how a monitor is created in Motadata.

  1. A user creates a credential profile and a discovery profile and maps the discovery profile to the credential profile.
  2. The user then starts a discovery run to discover the devices from a network by executing the discovery profile they created.
  1. The user then goes on to provision the discovered devices so that Motadata can keep track of these devices to ‘monitor’ their performance.
  2. These provisioned devices that are ‘monitored’ by Motadata are known as Monitors.

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