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Release Types

Release Type determines the kind of release that is requested. It is another set of classification that helps technician filter the releases.

To view the Release Types page, navigate to Admin > Release Management > Release Types.

Here, you can view the default release types as well as add the custom release types. Also, you can edit the type names, and change their color as per the organization’s theme.

The default available types are:

  • Minor
  • Standard
  • Significant
  • Major
  • Emergency
Release Types
Release Types

Add Release Type

To add a release type,

  1. Click the Add Release Type link.
  2. Enter the Name of the release type.
  3. Select the color or enter the hexadecimal code by clicking the color pallet icon.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Once added, you can edit or delete the custom release type. But, the default ones can only be edited and not deleted.
Adding Release Type
Adding Release Type
Selecting Color of the Release Type
Selecting Color of the Release Type

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