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Adding Relations

Sometimes a problem is very complex and you may want to divide it into simpler requests, problems, change, release, asset, knowledge, and project categories. Also, you may find other similar problems and it’s a good idea to associate all these.

In the Relations tab, system helps you building a contextual information by linking various items. This tab gives you an option to create relationships between a problem and other Requests, Problems, Changes, Releases, Assets, Knowledge Articles, and Projects. Also, you can create a new incident, request service, problem, change, release, and asset and associate them with the problem at the same time.

Relations Tab in Problem Details Page
Relations Tab in Problem Details Page

On this page you can do the following activities:

  • View all the items related to the problem.
  • Create a new item and associate it with the problem.
  • Add an existing item to the problem.
  • Unlink the items related to the problem.
  • Here, the count of the linked entities will also be shown besides the Relations label.
Features in Relations Tab
Features in Relations Tab

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