IT Support Operations

Supercharge IT Service Delivery with an AI Service Desk

Motadata ServiceOps can enable your organization to tackle the flood of tickets and build a robust ecosystem to provide comprehensive IT Support

Resolve Incidents Faster with Intelligent Automation

Motadata ServiceOps is an AI-powered ITSM solution that provides automation like auto-assignment of tickets, workflow automation, alerts, auto-escalation, etc. To handle floods of tickets.

Bot Automation

Leverage virtual agent to handle known issues, allowing IT service technicians to better manage their time.

Service Desk Automation

Automate any ticket life-cycle management process using a drag and drop workflow builder.

Mobile Application

Establish logical connections between data and map application dependencies in a unified dashboard to make quick and informed decisions.

Create an Intelligent Service Desk

  • Manage the life cycle of ad-hoc requests with intelligent automation like auto-assignment that considers technician workload and their expertise.
  • Collaborate with multiple technicians on a single ticket for faster resolution.
  • Escalate tickets automatically after SLA breaches based on pre-defined automation rules to suit ticket priorities.

Complete Ticket Life-Cycle Management

  • Perform RCA from a ticket using problem management.
  • Manage changes that are required to resolve a ticket using the change management module.
  • Access configuration data of assets related to a ticket to build better context.

Leverage Self-service Capabilities

  • Make a repository of knowledge base guide to resolving known problems faster and saving time and efforts of technicians.
  • Group IT services based on departments and use group access to manage who gets access to what.
  • Create chat flow for the virtual agent to handle a specific issue and make it available via the service portal.

Create a Unified and Perceptive DevOps Tool Chain

Comprehensive Portal

Leverage an easy-to-use portal and enable end-users to raise requests anytime from anywhere.

Manage Priorities

Divert the attention of technicians to critical activities by automating response to known issues.

No Code Workflows

Create n number of workflows to automate routing operations tasks without writing a single line of code.

Troubleshoot On-the-go

Enable technicians to work and access a ticket from a mobile application.

Easy Reporting on Metrics

Calculate and track important metrics like MTTR, MTTA, MTBF, etc. using custom reports.

Meet SLAs

Set the SLA of a ticket based on priority and define escalation criteria for preventing any form of violation.

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