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Topology Plugin


Motadata AIOps provides multiple in-built Topology Plugins which help to build the Topology of your network. These plugins are discovery protocols like CDP, Cisco BGP etc. that are used to construct the Network Topology.

You can create new Topology Plugins and manage the existing ones on the Topology Plugin Screen. You can view the details of the topology plugins on this screen. Also, you can create new topology plugins over here.

Go to Menu, Select Settings . After that, Go to Plugin Library . Select Topology. The Topology Plugin screen is displayed.

Topology Plugin Screen

The following fields are then displayed on the screen:

Name The name of the Topology plugin which is used to identify it.
Protocol Type This indicates the type of the discovery protocol. They are categorized into the following:

  • Custom Protocol
  • SNMP Protocol
Used Count Indicates the total number of monitors that are using the topology plugin.
Actions Selecting displays permissible actions for each plugin. The following actions are available for each user:

  • Assign Monitor : This button is used to assign the topology plugin to a monitor.
  • Remove Assigned Monitor : This button is used to unassign a topology plugin from a monitor.
  • Clone Topology Plugin : This button is used to duplicate an existing Topology plugin in the system.
  • Edit Topology Plugin : This button is used to edit the details of a topology plugin.