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In the Collaboration tab, you can collaborate and make notes for the purchase order.

Collaboration Tab
Collaboration Tab

The Collaboration tab displays all the work and communication done for a purchase order. Here, you can do the following activities:

  1. Search: The search works on the content of the notes and collaboration message in the tab. It matches your query with all the content (that technicians have entered) to find the results.
  2. Filter: You can search for the notes and collaboration message based on their type. The available types are: All, Collaborations, and Notes.
  3. Sort: You can sort all the items in ascending or descending order.
  4. Collaborate: You can collaborate with other technicians. You can start a message thread which is visible to other concerned people. Once added, you cannot edit or delete a collaboration message.
  5. Notes: You can add additional information about the order so that others can view the same. You can edit and delete a note message.
  6. Collaboration List: You can view a list of collaborations and notes.

Adding a New Collaboration

  1. Select the type of collaboration: Collaborate or Notes.
  2. Enter the body of the message. To mention someone in collaboration message, press ‘@’. You will see a list of available names. Choose the person whom you want to tag.
Adding a Collaboration or Note
Adding a Collaboration or Note
  1. Attach the required files.
  2. Click Save and the message get saved.