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Creating a Purchase Order

You can create a new purchase order directly into the system when you are logged in. To create a purchase order,

  1. Click Create New + button and select the Create Purchase Order option. The following page appears.
Create Purchase Order option
Create Purchase Order option
Creating a Purchase Order
Creating a Purchase Order
  1. Enter the following details:
    • Requester: Select the name of the person who is requesting to create a purchase order. By default, the system takes your name as the requester.
    • Name: Enter the name of the purchase order. A subject should be short self-descriptive text to understand the purchase.
    • Order Number: Enter the number of the placed order.
    • Required By: Select the date till when the ordered item is required.
    • Vendor: Select the vendor from the dropdown list. You can add them from the Vendor Catalog page.
    • Add Item: Add items as per the vendor selected by clicking the link and a popup appears as  shown below. The list displays the products that are linked with the vendor from Product Catalog page.
Add Items to the Purchase Order
Add Items to the Purchase Order

Select the items to be ordered and click Add. Once added, the details of the products like part number, price, tax rate, quantity, amount, discount, shipping charges, and the total cost appear as shown below.

Order Items
Order Items
    • Shipping and Billing Address: Enter the details like Street, Landmark, City, Pincode, State, and Country. If the Billing Address is same as the Shipping Address you can enable the option Same As Shipping Address next to the Billing Address label.
    • Description: Enter the details of the purchase order.
    • Terms: Enter the terms and conditions of the order if any.
    • Owner: Enter the owner of the purchase order.
    • Cost Center: Select the desired cost center from the dropdown list. For more details on its addition, refer to the Cost Center link.
    • GL Code: Select the desired GL code from the dropdown list. For more details on its addition, refer to the GL Code link.
    • Tags: Add tags if you want. It helps in identifying the similar purchase orders. It is optional.
    • Attachments: Attach the relevant files that will help the technician for the purchase.
    • Place: Enter the place of purchase.
    • Signing Authority: Enter the name of the signing authority of the purchase.
  1. Once all the details are entered, click Create and a purchase order gets created. Also, a confirmation message appears and an email is sent to you acknowledging the purchase. A purchase starts with a suffix ‘PO’. For e.g. PO-1.

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