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Challenges of DevOps Teams

The DevOps Team is Responsible for Ensuring the Release of the Product or Service to Production without any Major Problems. They are also Responsible for the Security of Company Data, the Quality of Code, and making sure that Employees can work better.


of DevOps Teams

Face Challenges with Filtering Noise from Data, Setting Alerts, and Handling Increasing Data Volume.

Employing the right AIOps platform allows DevOps teams to effectively monitor the performance of their applications, which has a direct impact on the end user experience.

Motadata AIOps Solution

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Collate Data from Multiple Sources

  • To deliver and scale software on time, DevOps teams must manage the increasing complexity of data due to increasing volume, which needs collating data from multiple sources.
  • Motadata AIOps brings the necessary automation to streamline this process. One of the key aspects of an AIOps platform is that it captures any type of data while still maintaining full data fidelity.
  • An analyst should always be able to drill down and see the raw data that feeds aggregated conclusions.

Save Time on Data Analysis

  • DevOps teams often work on both legacy systems and new technology to stay relevant with time and the increasing demand of the end-users.
  • One of the big differentiators for our platform is its ability to correlate diverse datasets.
  • The best analysis can only be carried out when you have access to absolutely all the relevant information. The platform then uses automated methods to analyze that data to identify any existing or potential future problems.

Automate Responses to Alerts

  • The reliability and scalability of any application depend on proactive responses to critical alerts.
  • When it comes to identifying issues, the AIOps platform has the most impact by automating the process of notifying the correct personnel, generating a ticket through its native integration with our ITSM platform, and capturing impending issues.

Advantages for DevOps Teams

With IT operations automation with AIOps, you can improve system performance in several ways and gain benefits to your business.

  • Enhanced End-user Experience

    Maintain customer satisfaction by ensuring the availability of business-critical applications.

  • Prevent Data Silos

    Collate data from different sources for better analysis and insight.

  • Faster Remediation

    Get the data to accelerate your RCA process and save time and resources.

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