Observability for DevOps

Get Real-time Context, Resolve Incidents Faster

Gather, analyze, detect and correlate all your events, logs, and metrics in a unified dashboard for scalable and reliable operations.

AIOps for Empowering Innovation

With an AI-powered DevOps monitoring tool, the DevOps team focuses more on innovating a product or service instead of mundane operations. Enterprises adopting Motadata’s AIOps across their DevOps toolchain see improved productivity, better product quality, and faster time to market.

Improved Productivity

Enterprises adopting Motadata’s AIOps across their DevOps toolchain see improved product quality, and faster time to market.

Faster Remediation

Augmenting DevOps by finding, investigating, and resolving business-impacting issues with alerts for maximum service availability.

Discover Patterns & Noise

Establish logical connections between data and map application dependencies in a unified dashboard to make quick and informed decisions.

Enriched and Refined Observability across DevOps Toolchain

  • Get data driven insights across applications, users, hybrid infrastructures, and network services with a diagnostic visibility.
  • Achieve broad monitoring capabilities across on-prem, virtualized, and cloud infrastructure from a single unified platform to remove data silos.
  • Empower DevOpsand NetOps teams to stay connected and see a single source of truth. Mitigate the service outage risks delivering a better customer experience.

Cut down Noise, Detect Anomalies

  • Reduce the magnitude of noise and torrential alerts that slow down your DevOps.
  • Reduce redundancies and eliminate false alarms to focus on events that matter.
  • Predicatively detect anomalies and co-relate their business impact. Get extensive support to process streaming, and telemetry data.

Bring the best out of the DevOps Toolchain. Automate Processes to Improve Productivity

  • Eliminate manual processes using runbook engine to automate most tasks with the support for native scripts SSH, PowerShell, JDBC, HTTP, go and python.
  • Get an all-inclusive health check of your toolchain including CI/CD tools, configuration management systems, and container orchestration platforms.
  • Collect data from multiple sources. Empower your teams to correlate events from diverse datasets to save time.

Create a Unified and Perceptive DevOps Tool Chain

Consolidate Monitoring Activities

Get all data from different systems and view it in a collective unified interface for better context.

Enterprise-wide Visibility

Get a comprehensive view of upstream and downstream systems to improve cross-team collaboration.

Predictive Incident Detection

Collect data, correlate, and identify anomalies in real-time across your app stack.

Automate Remediation

Filter different environments and diagnose multiple types of issues for automated remediation.

Achieve Business Value

Ensure service reliability. Minimize unplanned downtime with planned system maintenance.

Better Customer Experience

Detach your DevOps teams from manual error-prone work and get them to focus on improving customer experience.

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