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Release Management

What is a Release?

Release Management is the process that handles software deployments and change initiatives. It is all about enabling an organization’s systems and services to change support evolving business needs. It is the process of coordinating the movement of project into production environments where they can be consumed by end-users. Across an organization, the relevant tasks are assigned with physical and human resources needed to carry them out. It starts with planning what will be contained within a release, managing the software build through different stages and environments, testing stability and finally, deployment.

Benefits of Release Management in an organization

  • Decrease the number of incidents caused by releases.
  • Maintain a single repository for recording all the releases through the lifecycle.
  • Improve productivity by establishing standard release processes and tooling.
  • Ensure that auditable release controls are established and documented.

In this system, the release management module offers you the following features:

  • Create New releases: You can create a release within the system.
  • View releases: View all the releases of your organization.
  • Update releases: Modify the basic details of the release.
  • Manage releases: Based on the role you can: manage workflow, claim releases, assign release to others, archive releases, approve/reject releases, create and manage tasks, add relations, etc.
  • Control Settings as an Admin: You can control the behavior of how the releases are managed and who can do what.

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