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Redefine the User Engagement Process from Traditional Helpdesk to Conversational Automation.

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Conversational AI

The Traditional Service Desk works in a Monotonous Mode entailing Manual Processes to Accomplish a Single Task. Reinvent User Experience with Instant Answers to Requests and On-the-spot Resolution using Intelligent Automation. Unlock Unlimited Efficiencies with our Conversational Bot.

Conversational AI to Build Intent-Based Engagement

Leverage the power of conversational AI with a built-in NLP engine. Reduce MTTR by building an intent-based story with Motadata ServiceOps.

  • Build a story with intuitive drag and drop story builder
  • Set customizable action based on intent
  • OOB user story to shorten the time to market.
Key Benefits
  • Improved ROI
  • Reduced Errors

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Offer your Users Limitless Self-service

Motadata’s conversational AI is backed by robust plugin-based automation architecture. It can integrate with any external system to offer a vast set of functionalities to provide a better user experience.

  • Plugin and workflow-based automation
  • Integrate with external systems by Webhook, API, and customized script
  • Seamless switch over real agent
Key Benefits
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Mean Time to Resolve

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Maximize Your Service Desk Adoption

Mobile App On The Go

3 Dimension approach to provide better control to the Requester, Approver, and Technician

  • Manage all the IT and Non-IT service requests with an intuitive interface
  • Manage the end-to-end life cycle of Service requests
  • Optimize time & Resources by Accelerate the Approval on the go
  • Let your user be self-reliant with a Knowledge base on mobile App
Key Benefits
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Greater ROI

  • Lower down Expenditure

  • Optimized MTTR

What Our Customer Says About

People view Motadata as an alerting and root cause analytics engine, however; it is much more than that. It provides real-time data and alerts to address issues even before they arise and impacts the end users. This isn’t even something theoretical. We have already achieved this through the next-gen platform.

Anil Nayer – AVP IT Kotak Securities

Other Features

Reduce Ticket Volume and Increase Technician Productivity with Motadata ServiceOps ITSM Platform’s Conversational AI.

Employee Onboarding

Improve your new joiner’s onboarding experience with always available Conversational AI.

Leave Request and Approval

Forgot email-based form-based and leave management from anywhere any time.

IT Issues

Experience the true power of automation combined with a bot to resolve IT issues promptly.

Knowledge Base

Enable users to access knowledge base on the go to help them get information right at their fingertips.

Payroll Inquiries

Simplify the process of getting answers to common inquiries related to payroll and finance for your users.

FAQ Automation

Help your users with contextual answers to frequently asked questions to provide faster resolutions.


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Virtual agents are automated customer service representatives. They can take on any number of roles ranging from answering simple customer queries to solving common IT problems or helping end-users with their HR queries.
The virtual agent technology is powered by AI. There are two ways in which artificial intelligence is used for virtual assistants:

  1. The AI provides the virtual assistants with an understanding of human language, so they can answer the queries coherently
  2. The AI gives them a broad range of capabilities so that they can be put in different roles and handle various end-user interactions.

Chatbots are interactive user interface that is powered by artificial intelligence. They are designed to respond to customer queries, provide information about products, services or handle other tasks that one would normally associate with a call center.

Virtual agents offer the same service as chatbots, but they are more advanced in terms of their features and capabilities. They can be programmed to provide customized responses using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing.

Chatbots and virtual agents fall under the broader category of automated conversational interfaces (ACI). ACIs help companies automate customer support queries, make it easier for customers to search for information online, and manage digital campaigns.