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Monitor Rediscovery

Motadata allows you to run rediscovery for monitors to discover specific instances within these monitors for monitoring.


To explain this further, let us take some examples.

  • Suppose you have discovered an ESXi and provisioned as a monitor, you can now discover all the virtual devices within that ESXi using the Rediscover settings.
  • Suppose you have discovered a Windows server, you can discover all the processes, services and application in that server using the Rediscover settings.

Go to the Main Menu, Select Settings . After that, go to Monitoring .Select Rediscover Settings. The interface to rediscover the instances within a monitor now displayed.

Select the following tab as per the instance you want to discover:

  • Application
  • Cloud
  • Virtualization
  • Interface
  • Process
  • Service
  • File/Directory

Here, you can configure a scheduler to run for rediscovery.

The following details for the created schedulers are now available to view under each tabs:

Scheduler Type The frequency at which the scheduler runs.
Start Date The start date at which the scheduler runs.
Triggers The start time at which the scheduler runs.
Monitors The monitor for which the scheduler runs.
Result The details of the run of scheduler and hence the discovered instances can be viewed here by clicking on the View Details button.
Actions The following actions are available to be taken on any scheduler

  • Turn scheduler On/Off : Select the button to toggle the scheduler On/Off
  • Run scheduler instantly: Select the button to run the scheduler instantly.
  • Edit/Delete scheduler : Select the button to view the options to delete or edit the scheduler.

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