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Software Meter

Metering is a convenient tool to track the utilization of a software application across the machines in an organization. Using Metering, CMDB can track two usage statistics of a Software Asset using an Agent. A user has to enable Metering individually for Software Assets that one wants to track. Currently, Metering tracks the following information of a Software Asset:

  • Total time the Software Application was used. Also referred to as Usage Duration.
  • Time elapsed since the application was last open. Also referred to as Last Used.

The Software Meter page displays a list of software assets for which the meter is configured. From this page, you can view, configure, and delete meter from the asset.

Software Meter
Software Meter

Adding a Meter

Each software has its own meter and the meter statistics are recorded individually. In order to track multiple software, a user has to create multiple Meters.

To configure a Meter, click here.

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