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The tasks are the activities required to release an application. Creating tasks is not mandatory but a convenient feature to effectively work on a release. You can add tasks, assign technicians, and set due date for it.

Tasks in the Release
Tasks in the Release

The Tasks tab displays all the tasks done for a release. Here, you can perform the following activities:

  1. Search: The search works on the content of the tab. It matches your query with all the content (that technicians have entered) to find the results.
  2. Sort: You can sort all the items in ascending or descending order.
  3. Add Tasks: You can add new tasks.
  4. Task List: You can view a list of tasks.

Adding a Task

When you add a new task from the Release Details page, the task automatically gets associated with this release. To add a task:

  1. Click on the Add Task button. A popup appears.
  2. Fill all the details of the task as shown below.
Task Details
Task Details
Parameter Description
Subject Enter the subject of the task.
Assigned to Select the technician to whom the task is to be assigned.
Task Type Select the task type.
Technician Group Select the technician group to whom the task is to be assigned.
Start Date Select the date when the task should start.
End Date Select the date till which the task should end.
Status Select the status of the task.
Priority Select the priority of the task.
Notify Before Set the hours or minutes before which the technician should be notified about the task.
Description Enter the description of the task.
  1. Once done, click Add and the task appears in the list.

Managing the Task

You can manage release related tasks from the task list. It is very similar to manage the release.

Managing the Task
Managing the Task

Here, you can do the following:

  1. Set the status
  2. Set the priority
  3. Set the task type
  4. Set the assignee
  5. Set the technician group
  6. Set the start and end date of the task.
  7. Edit/Delete the task
  8. View the due date and time of the change.
  9. Done/Reopen the task using the Done button.
  10. View the task details using View Details button