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Scenarios are a set of rules containing a series of steps that you can execute as per requirement. They are useful when the technicians need to carry out recursive actions. The technicians simply need to execute the required scenario, and the system automatically evaluates the rule with the content of the request. If the rule matches, the system takes the related actions towards it. Thereby, minimizing the time and effort incurred while performing the same tasks repetitively.

For Example: If you want to change the support level of the request to Tier 2 whenever the assigned technician group is Database Group or Server Management Group. You can create a Scenario with:
Condition: Technician Group In Database Group, Server Management Groups
Action: Set Support Level To Tier 2.
Once created, you can execute it from the Request Details page using the Scenario option.

Note: Currently, the Scenarios are applicable for Request Management module only.


The advantages are:

  • Saves time and energy required to perform a set of actions.
  • Reduces the probability of human prone errors.
  • A technician does not need to know or remember every single action required.
  • From a process stand point, there is less deviation from the agreed standards.
  • Conditions can be defined. The system will execute the action only when the conditions are matched.

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