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Priority Matrix

Priority is a method to set the importance of a Request ticket. Based on this value, the technicians resolve the tickets. A Technician can set the Priority of a Request manually or automatically using the Priority Matrix feature. Here, you can define the priority based on the urgency and impact values of the request. The priority is set at the time of creating a request when no value is configured.

To view the Priority Matrix page, navigate to Admin > Request Management > Priority Matrix.

Priority Matrix
Priority Matrix

The Priority Matrix is a matrix with the column head having the Urgency values and rows having the Impact values. Based on the urgency and impact set, the matrix defines an appropriate value of the priority field. The priority matrix works when it is left blank while creating a request. For example: When the urgency is ‘Medium’ and impact is ‘On Business’, the system will automatically set the priority of the request as ‘High’. You can override this value, by clicking on it, and choosing a new value.

To set the request priority automatically, enable this feature. Once enabled, the value will get set automatically, and the “Priority” field will be unavailable while creating requests.

To set the request priority manually, disable this feature. Once disabled, the field will be available for configuration while creating requests.

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