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Business Service

A service is that business units deliver to the business customers. For example, the delivery of financial services to the customers of a bank, or goods to the customers of a retail store. The successful delivery of business services often depends on one or more IT services.

A problem is associated with a business service. You can manage the list of business services. Also, in the Problem Details page, you can select, and associate a business service to the problem.

To view the list page, navigate to Admin > Organization > Business Service and the page appears.

Business Service Page
Business Service Page

Here, you can search, view, add, edit, and delete the required business services.

Add Business Service

To add a business service,

  1. Click the Create Business Service button on the top-right corner of the page and a popup appears.
Create Business Service
Create Business Service
  1. Enter the Name and Description of the business service.
  2. Click Create. Once created, you can associate this business service to the problem from the Problem Details Page. You can also associate the business service to the Release at the time of creation or update.
  3. To edit, click the edit icon next to the desired business service, make the changes, and click Update.
  4. To delete, click the delete icon, a confirmation message appears. Click Yes to continue or Cancel to stop the process.

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