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Contract Details Page

On the Contract Details page, you can view the complete details of the contract and perform the desired activity. To view the Contract Details page, on the Contract List page click on the subject line, and the below page appears.

Contract Details Page
Contract Details Page

Subject and Description

You can view the complete subject and description on the top of the details page. You can also edit it by clicking on the Pencil icon, if required.

Subject and Description
Subject and Description

Classifiers of Contract

These properties tell you the current statistics of the current and help you to classify them under different labels. When someone works on a contract, the person updates the labels accordingly. For e.g. if the ‘status’ is closed, it means you have nothing to do with the contract.

Contract Classifiers
Contract Classifiers
  • Status: This label classifies the contract based on the status. The default options are: Active, Expired, and Not yet started
  • Contract Type: This label classifies the contract based on its type. The default options are: Lease, Warranty, Maintenance, and Support.
  • Owner: This label specifies the name of the person who is owner of the contract.
  • Vendor: This label specifies the name of the vendor with whom the contract is signed.
  • Contract Number: This label displays the contract number of the particular selected contract.
  • Contract Start Date: This label displays the date of the contract from when it will be effective.
  • Contract End Date: This label displays the date of the contract when it will expire.
  • Cost (USD): This label displays the cost of the signed contract. This amount will always be in US Dollars.
  • Add Tags: You can add the custom tags to quickly find the contracts based on it. Also, system adds some default tags when based on certain labels and actions.

Associated Actions for Contract

You can create/update different actions and activities as a part of communication, collaboration, and resolution in the contract. The available types of actions are:

  • Assets: You can view the assets linked to this contract.
  • Renewals: You can see the renewal details of the contract.
  • Child Contracts: You can see the sub-contracts of the parent contract here.
  • Expiry Reminder: You can set the contract reminders here.
  • Audit Trail: You can see all the activities related to the Contract.
  • Notifications: You can send and view notifications related to the Contract.

Other Information

The other information shows additional details about the contract.

Other Information
Other Information
  • Department: Displays the department to which the contract is associated with.
  • Renewed: Displays if the contract is renewed or not.
  • Last Updated Date: Displays the date and time of the contract last updated.