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Log Management


Metrics do not answer everything about your network infrastructure. Metrics help you answer ‘What’ while logs are all about the ‘Why’.

Modern Infrastructure can generate thousands of logs per minute which turns the large volumes of log data available messy and difficult to make sense of. Hence, it becomes essential to have all the log data available at a centralized location but even then, it would be very difficult to find a particular value from millions of lines of code generated from all the devices in your network infrastructure.

Also, it would be very difficult and expensive to store and analyze such huge volumes of data.

Motadata Log explorer does all the above for you and much more so you don’t just make sense of the data but also make intelligent decisions based on the log analysis.

  • Dynamically parse and visualize millions of lines of log data with out-of-the-box inbuilt parsers.
  • View the live tail of the logs being generated in real-time.
  • View the surrounding logs related to a certain log event with just one click.
  • Identify specific logs through machine learning powered pattern matching for logs.
  • Search and highlight required keywords from the live tail.
  • It makes life easier by collecting, processing and centralizing logs into a log explorer.
  • Allows quick troubleshooting and reduces context switching by easily identifying logs through intelligent categorization of logs.
  • Allows to create widgets on the go for specific log data that you wish to view repeatedly.

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