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Creating a Request from a Service Item

A Request created using a Service Item has the following characteristics:

  • It has the pre-filled information.
  • It has a dedicated Workflow and SLA.
  • It has its own Approval Workflow.
  • It has defined Task(s), and Tasks are sometimes divided into stages.

Based on the requirement, the following things are already created:

In this section, you can see how Requestors can create on-board Requests.

For Example: A person from the HR department has initiated the on-boarding process of a new employee in the Marketing department. Now one wants to create the credentials for the new employee. This can be done by going to the Customer Portal and using a Service Item.

  • Login to the Customer Portal. On the Dashboard, click the Create New + button and select the option Request Service.
Create Request Service
Create Request Service
  • Click the HR category and select the Employee On-Boarding (IT) item.
  • A form opens where the fields are to be filled and create a Request.
  • Once the Request is created, the status of the Request is either Open, In Progress, Pending, Resolved, or Closed.
Status of the Request
Status of the Request
  • You can also view the audit logs of the particular created request.
Audit Logs
Audit Logs

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