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Create Project

This page enables you to create a new project when planned. To create a project, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the Create New + button and select the option Create Project. The following page appears as shown below.
Create Project Option
Create Project Option
Creating Project
Creating Project
  1. Enter the following details:
    • Name: Enter the name of the project.
    • Description: Enter the description of the project.
    • Project Start Date: Select the start date of the project.
    • Project End Date: Select the end date of the project.
    • Priority: Select the priority.
    • Project Type: Select the type of project.
    • Project Risk: Select the risk associated with the project. The default value is Low.
    • Owner: Select the owner of the project.
    • Location: Select the location of the project.
    • Tags: You can add tags if required. These help in identifying the similar projects.
    • Attachment: Attach the relevant files that help the technician in resolving the ticket.

Once done, click Create and the project gets created successfully. Also, an email is sent to you acknowledging the project. A project starts with a suffix PRJ. For example: PRJ-1.

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