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The organization group has features to customize the settings of the organizational level. These settings are applicable in all: Request, Problem and Change. In this system, you can change following things:

  • Account: Manage your account and see the subscription details.
  • Branding: You can manage the branding of the product like: logo, names etc.
  • Departments: Manage the departments of your organization.
  • Locations: Configure the locations of your branches/offices. The locations are used in request, problem and change requests.
  • Business Hours: Manage the business hours of your organization. The technician group uses these business hours for SLA calculations.
  • Announcements: You can make announcements in the organization for requester, technician groups or all technicians. The announcements are visible on Dashboard.
  • Business Service: Manage the business service that helps someone to associate a problem or request.
  • System Preference: You can manage various settings of an User and Application.
  • Security: You can manage the password policy for the users.
  • Priority: You can manage the color symbols of the priority values.
  • Impact: You can manage the color symbols of the impact values.
  • Urgency: You can manage the color symbols of the urgency values.
  • Application Maintenance: You can manage the database backup, licensing and log management.
  • Task Types: You can create customized task types as per requirement.
  • Managed Services Provider: You can create and manage multiple services providers.
    Tenant Management: You can create and manage multiple tenants.
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