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Business Hours

Business hour(s) are the working hours that determine the available response and resolution time of a Request (holidays are subtracted from the calculation). These calculations are done to check whether any SLA has been violated. The SLAs have to be configured to use the business hours. For more details, refer to the SLA section.

To view the Business Hours page, navigate to Admin > Organization > Business Hours.

This section enables you to configure the business hours based on which the response and resolution time of a request can be calculated. Also, separate working hours for each department can be added along with the holidays in a year.

Business Hours Page
Business Hours Page

Types of Business Hours

The business hours are classified in 2 broad categories:

  • 24×7: Mainly used for the support team, this category does not consider breaks or weekly offs. This means that the office or team is operational all the time round the clock.
  • Custom: Custom working hours are created for a typical office culture. It includes office shifts, breaks, and public holidays.

Add Business Hour

To add a business hour,

  1. Click the Add Business Hour button and the following page appears.
Add Business Hour Page
Add Business Hour Page
  1. Enter the following details:
    • Name: Enter the name of the business hour.
    • Description: Enter a brief description of the business hour.
    • Time Zone: Select the time zone.
    • Working Hours: Select the type of working hours. The options are:
      • 24 hrs X 7 days: If selected you can define the yearly holidays which will be excluded from the business hours.
      • Custom: If selected, you can define the office hours, breaks, and yearly public holidays.
  2. Once done, click Add Business Hour.
  3. You can edit the business hour by clicking the edit icon.
  4. You can also delete it if required by clicking the delete icon. Once clicked, a confirmation message appears, click Yes to continue or Cancel to stop the process.