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Asset Status

Asset Status determines the progress of the asset tickets at each stage. Using these you can know how much work is done or pending on the ticket and accordingly actions can be taken. The system provides some default status values that are ready for use.

To view the Asset Status page, navigate to Admin > Asset Management > Asset Status > Asset tab.

Here, you can manage the status of the tickets. Also, you can edit the status names, set the default status, and change the color of the status values as per the organization’s theme.

Manage Asset Status
Manage Asset Status

Here, you can do the following:

  • View and edit the default status.
  • Add and manage the Custom status.
  • Re-order the statuses using drag and drop.
  • Set the default status of the ticket when a new asset is added.

Add Status

To add a custom status,

  1. Click the Add Status link.
  2. Enter the Name of the status.
  3. Select the color or enter the hexadecimal code by clicking color pallet icon.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Once added, you can edit or delete the custom status. You can only edit the default statuses and not delete.
Adding Asset Status
Adding Asset Status
Selecting Color of the Asset Status
Selecting Color of the Asset Status

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