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How to Create a Metric Plugin?


There might be certain situations where you need to define metrics in Motadata that cannot be defined by the standard in-built plugins available in the system. This would include devices such as UPS, Printer, NAS and their metrics like power consumption, Fan RPM, Temprature etc.

Suppose you have a homegrown application running on a monitor and you need to retrieve a custom metric that not be available in AIOps by default. You can create a metric plugin and write a script using the appropriate protocol to establish connection to the monitor and retrieve the metrics as per your requirement and start monitoring them.

Go to Menu, Select Settings . After that, Go to Plugin Library . Select Metric. The Metric Plugin screen is displayed.

Select to create a metric plugin.

Types of Metric Plugin

Motadata AIOps facilitates creating different types of metric plugins based on communication protocol. They can be categorized as follows:

  2. SSH
  3. PowerShell
  4. Database
  5. Custom