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An ITAM Solution to Track and Manage all your Software and Hardware Assets from a Single Unified View, throughout their Life-cycles.

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IT Asset Management Platform

30% Reduction in Expenses

Single source of truth for IT asset inventory reducing unnecessary expenditure.

20% Increase in Efficiency

Manage asset life cycle with intelligent automation from procurement to disposal.

15% Reduction in Compliance Violation

Get an accurate view of software utilization and watch for overutilization.

IT Asset Management for Better Return on IT Assets

An ITIL-compliant PinkVERIFY Certified ITAM Solution that brings Transparency in Managing IT and Non-IT Asset Inventory to Avoid Wasteful Spending, Streamline New Asset Purchases, Manage Asset Life-cycles, and Meet all Compliance Requirements.


Asset Inventory

Track and maintain accurate information of all your IT and Non-IT assets and visualize them on a dashboard with robust asset inventory.

  • Automatically find and track all your IT assets
  • Manage and visualize asset dependencies
  • Manage all aspects of HAM and SAM including licenses and contracts
  • Create reports to track asset usage information
Key Benefits
  • Asset Visibility
  • Accurate Information
  • Automatic Record-keeping

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With ITIL Modules

Engage in full asset life-cycle management using ITIL processes from purchase till retirement.

  • Capture incidents and relate them with assets for deeper analysis.
  • Make changes to assets less chaotic with change management
  • Troubleshoot your IT assets with problem management
  • Create and maintain financial records of every asset
Key Benefits
  • Faster Troubleshooting
  • Maintain Inventory Health
  • Promote Transparency

Know the Benefits of Asset Management


Asset Purchases

Maintain a true picture of your asset inventory and make data-driven purchase decisions to save costs.

  • Create asset POs against an incident/request
  • Maintain a list of preferred vendors
  • Track financial details like depreciation of an asset
  • Manage contract details and alerts on expiry
Key Benefits
  • Faster Purchase Cycle
  • Cost Visibility
  • Promote Accountability

Know 8 Best Practices of Software Asset Management


Asset Compliance

Control expenditure and avoid penalties by keeping a watch on to-be expired contracts and prohibiting unauthorized software to be run.

  • Track utilization of all your software licenses
  • Set alerts on asset changes according to a baseline
  • Create usage reports of your assets
  • Prohibit certain software from your infrastructure
Key Benefits
  • Avoid Penalties
  • Maintain Asset Security

Know the 5 Stages of IT Asset Management


Asset Inventory management

Maintain accuracy of your asset inventory by reducing manual interventions by automating updates based on events.

  • Easily create workflows using a visual builder
  • Create workflows to update asset inventory based on events
  • Set multiple actions based on events
  • Create multi-level workflows for advanced automation
Key Benefits
  • Less Human Error
  • Better Resource Utilization
  • Save Time

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Motadata ServiceOps

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Never Lose Track of your IT And Non-IT Assets with Automatic Discovery.

  • Policy-Driven Automated Asset Baseline
  • Built-In Multi-Function Remote Desktop
  • Automatic Uninstallation of Prohibited Software
  • Asset Movement and Gate-pass Support

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Asset Manager Features

Motadata’s Asset Manager is an ITAM Software that Provides Complete Visibility into your IT and Non-IT Assets through Procurement, Maintenance, and Disposal.

Agent & Agentless Discovery

Automatically discover IT assets in your network

Advanced Search for Assets

Perform complex queries using keywords and search options

Product and Vendor Catalog

Maintain a database of products with vendor and price details

Barcode & QR Code Configuration

Generate barcode and QR code tags for your physical assets

Software Management & Metering

Automation to categorize software and get utilization info

Remote Desktop

Connect to remote computers over both intranet and internet

Improve Your
Service Operation By 30%

Seamless Integration with your Favorite
Service Desk Technologies

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An ITIL-aligned ITAM Solution that helps Organizations Automate the End-to-end Life-cycles of both IT and Non-IT Assets across the Organization.

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CMDB (configuration management database) is a repository that serves as a data warehouse, holding information about your IT environment including the elements needed to offer IT services. A CMDB stores lists of assets or configuration items and the relationships between them. By facilitating you to manage data of numerous IT components from a single location, the configuration management processes along with CMDBs are at the center of IT operations.

CMDBs can help your organization lower an asset’s TCO, minimize infrastructure downtime, reduce the cost of operations and asset maintenance with automated tasks, provide accurate records of service codes and billing to finance teams, adhere to regulatory compliance standards, and execute root cause analysis to identify CI issues and resolve them.

IT asset management software is critical for corporate growth in a variety of ways as it can help detect and avert several possible IT infrastructure issues.

Tracking asset lifecycles and determining secure methods to upgrade or replace them through asset management software can enhance productivity while also preventing security breaches and asset theft. Improved asset management can help save costs associated with asset maintenance. IT asset management software also assists in adhering to industry regulations and ensuring compliance. Furthermore, it can account for the disposal of assets properly, ensuring that your critical information is not compromised.

Software License Management (SLM) should be a critical part of your overall ITAM or ITSM strategy due to its many benefits. SLM reduces the expense and difficulty of rapidly obtaining and deploying more licenses when a deficit is identified by keeping the number of licenses paid for closely aligned with the number your organization requires.

Older software versions with outdated security features serve as convenient entry points for ransomware and other viruses. Furthermore, keeping outdated software versions operational and safe might tax IT resources that are already stretched thin. Effective SLM can improve cybersecurity by detecting, reducing, and mitigating vulnerabilities and threats. Additionally, if your business undergoes regular audits, SLM can help overcome challenges like over-budget expenses, fines, etc. by ensuring licensing compliance.

The primary difference between the two asset discovery methods is that the agent-based asset discovery method must have agents installed on each target machine, but the agentless discovery technique needs no installation.

With agent-based asset discovery, you can monitor a broader range of metrics and gain deeper insights into the IT asset inventory and performance while you can track a relatively lesser range of metrics with agentless discovery, resulting in less in-depth insights on inventory and performance.

The agent-based discovery approach has little network overhead since it is less reliant on the network, but the agentless method consumes more bandwidth and always requires network access.

Agent-based asset discovery necessitates periodic patching, monitoring, and troubleshooting of agents on the target system, whereas agentless asset discovery necessitates no maintenance on the target system.