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Challenges of a Cloud Environment 

The cloud environment is equipped with growing data due to the increasing scale of operations. A few of the critical challenges that they face include data breaches, managing increasing volumes of data, and infrastructure complexity due to the geographically dispersed nature of their operations.


cloud service providers

believe that AIOps is a necessary step to manage the ever-increasing complexity of their operations.

Motadata AIOps offers a unified dashboard, intelligent automation, and a host of AI-powered features to manage the complexities of modern cloud infrastructure.

Motadata AIOps Solution for Cloud Monitoring

Motadata offers self-managing, self-securing, and self-optimizing solutions for managing the cloud environment.

Anticipate threats with RCA

  • While managing the cloud environments, it is important to protect them from attackers and keep them safe, without compromising the cloud infrastructure.
  • Motadata AIOps allows enterprises to monitor the cloud environment closely with performance monitoring and anomaly detection and find out outliers and perform event correlation to find the root cause behind such events.
  • Automate alert generation and transfer those alerts into tickets using AIOps’ Service Desk Automation.

Proactively identify breaches

  • A cloud environment continuously generates machine data in the form of logs. This data contains a host of information for IT admins to detect breaches, errors, future issues, etc.
  • Motadata AIOps Log Analytics contains a powerful log parser that consumes data from a variety of sources and uses AI for impact analysis to identify impending issues.
  • This allows IT admins to resolve the issues proactively to reduce its impact on businesses.

Manage complex multi-clouds

  • As enterprise organizations look for ways to reduce costs and improve the performance of their cloud environments, they are increasingly adopting a multi-cloud strategy.
  • This can lead to challenges in managing the environment and keep track of changes. Motadata AIOps provides a unified dashboard for IT admins to aggregate data from different cloud environments, using a single agent and acquire a holistic view of the entire system.
  • This allows IT admins to automate critical activities like alerts, reports generation, event correlation, etc. across the stack.

Advantages For Cloud Environments

Leverage the strengths of AI to optimize the cloud environments and bring operational efficiency.

  • Holistic View

    Visualize a complete picture of resources, anomalies, and risks across your stack.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Quickly identify anomalies for faster resolution of issues.

  • More Uptime

    Ensure availability of business-critical applications and improve both customer and employee satisfaction.

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