cloud monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Monitor Performance, and Availability of Cloud Infrastructure

Get real-time insights into your cloud deployments. Monitor your cloud infrastructure with absolute visibility of events, logs, and metrics with an AI-powered cloud monitoring tool at scale

Get Multi-Cloud Visibility with AIOps

Get enterprise-grade cloud monitoring tool to monitor events, logs, and metrics from public, private or multi-cloud apps stack in real-time.

Cloud Observability

Monitor cloud resources, deployments, and logs to correlate the health and performance of your entire cloud tech stack.

Event Correlation

Reduce visibility gaps by consolidating data from different environments to get insights to know event occurrences that need attention.

Noise Reduction

Eliminate noise by grouping alerts that matter and expedite the remediation process.

Monitor multitudes of cloud services. Be it public, private, or hybrid

  • Monitor servers, apps, performance, service availability, and other important metrics.
  • Monitor entire infrastructure, database, applications in a unified dashboard for faster root cause detection.
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize resources hosted on popular public cloud services like AWS and Azure (supported services include EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda, etc. For AWS and Azure VM, Azure SQL Database, Azure VM, etc. For Azure).

Detect and Isolate Root Causes Faster with smart correlation

  • Get applications-specific dashboards and dive deep into technical insights for blazing-fast root cause detection.
  • Correlate events and anomalies. Reduce torrential alerts and quickly identify service-impacting issues.
  • Filter log data using dynamic parser with drag & drop support without the need for a complex query language.

Reduce MTTR the Right Way. Troubleshoot Issues with Intelligent Alerts

  • Instant visibility for correlating performance-related issues across application stack for quick troubleshooting
  • Capture real-time diagnostic data automatically on even occurrence
  • Detect anomalies with dynamic performance range. Identify them early with the root cause and troubleshoot with minimal service impact

Get the Visibility Across Environments to Resolve Incidents

Singe View of Cloud

Get multi-cloud observability with the support of AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, and Azure Monitor.

Eliminate Visibility Gaps

Monitor extensive coverage area including OS and application-level metrics including cloud-specific metrics.

Automated Log Analysis

Get a complete context into IT infrastructure performance and insights about event occurrences

Service Availability

Get service availability status and latency across cloud infrastructure before it impacts the end user experience.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor across multiple workflows, dataflows, issues, and their remediations.

Automated Workflow

Enable automation for CI lifecycle automation and configuration for optimum performance.

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