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Create Task Schedule

The page helps you to create a task schedule using which a task will be created whenever the schedule runs.

To create a Task Schedule, click the Create Task Schedule button on the top-right corner of the page.

Create Task Schedule button
Create Task Schedule button
Create Task Schedule Page
Create Task Schedule Page

Enter the below details:

Parameter Description
Schedule Name Enter the name of the task schedule.
Schedule Type Select the type of schedule. The options are:

  • Once: If selected, the schedule will run only once as per the time set in Start At field.
  • Daily: If selected, the schedule will run daily as per the selected Time.
  • Weekly: If selected, the schedule will run once in a week as per the selected Day and Time.
  • Monthly: If selected, the schedule will run once in a month as per the selected Date, Time, and Month.
Notify Before Enter the number of hours or minutes before which you want to send the notification to the technicians.
Start At Select the date and time when the schedule should get applied.
Task Details
Subject Enter the subject of the task.
Assigned to Select the technician to whom you want to assign the task.
Task Type Select the task type.
Technician Group Select the technician group for the task. You can add more options from the Admin Technician Groups page.
Start Date Select the date when the task should start.
End Date Select the date till which the task should end.
Status Select the status of the task.
Priority Select the priority of the task. The options are: Low, Medium, High, and Urgent. The default value is Low.
Notify Before Set the hours, days, or minutes before which the system should send an email reminder to the assigned technician about the task.
Description Enter a short description about the task. The description should contains sufficient details about the nature of the task and what do you expect from a technician.

Once all the details are filled, click Create. The schedule gets created and a confirmation message appears. Based on this schedule, the tasks will get created automatically and appear in the Task list page.

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