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Motadata Service Desk – Server Upgrade Guide


  • The upgrade of the server has to be done incrementally. Meaning, from build 1.0 you cannot jump to 1.2; you have to download the in between version.
  • Kindly perform a DB backup before doing an upgrade.
  1. It is recommended that you take the snapshot of your existing virtual machine before proceeding with upgrade.
  2. Download the required release build from the below links:
  3. Copy release build installer (service_desk_master_CI) to target machine.
  4. Make sure you have the execute permission to build the file. If you do not have the execute permission then you can change it by using the below command:
    sudo chmod 777 service_desk_master_CI
  5. Run Installer using the following command:
    sudo ./service_desk_master_CI
Run Installer
Run Installer

Once you see the below screen, that means you have successfully upgraded the product.

Deployment Done
Deployment Done
  1. Now wait for at least 5 Minutes to allow restart of all the Motadata services.
  2. Now, you can login to Motadata as usual and start using the product.

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