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Email Command Settings

This page enables to set the command using which the technicians can change the request details by sending an email. Using this the technicians do not need to login to the ServiceOps Portal for updating request details. They can change the details that are present in the Available Commands section on the right-hand side.

For example: If a technician “Sam” wants to change the status of a ticket without logging into the SerivceOps Portal, he can do this by using the command in the email content, and sending it over the email address configured in the Incoming Email Servers.

Note: The technician needs to have the required roles and permissions to change any of the parameters.

To view the Email Command Settings page, navigate to Admin > Request Management > Email Command Settings.

Email Command Settings
Email Command Settings

The Subject and Content section of the page gives you a preview of how to format an email to change a Request. The Request ID is required in the subject section. Whatever you write in the email body, other than the command line, appears under Collaborate in the Request Details page.

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