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Implementing a Project

After the successful creation of the Project, a stage comes where it needs to be deployed. The overall team efforts and the time taken to build a successful project needs to be patched at the client’s end. Here, we will call the deploying of the project as ‘Implementation of Project’.

Implementation of the project will be the last stage of the project deployment. It includes the complete planning and scheduling of tasks, achieving any milestones during the planning, and overall summary of the project.


  • The project can move to the Implementation stage once the Planning Stage is completed.
  • At least one task should be created for moving the Project to the Implementation Stage.

Once the above conditions are fulfilled, the project can be successfully moved to the Implementation Stage.

To begin the project implementation,

  1. Go to the Project Details view page.
  2. Click Start Planning.
  3. In the Planning tab, click Edit Planning, and create a task using the Add Task button. For more details, refer to the link Planning a Project.
  4. Once the task is created, click Start Implementation on the top-right corner of the page.
Start Implementation
Start Implementation
  1. Once the project moves to the Implementation Stage, it cannot be withdrawn or shifted back to any other stage.
  2. The status of the Project automatically changes to Implementation as shown below.
Status - Implementation
Status - Implementation

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