Motadata Docs

Package Management

What is Deployment?

In Motadata, the deployment refers to the capability of installing, uninstalling and upgrading the computer programs. It also involves configuring the Windows Registry in a large set of computers remotely. It is vital for managing the life-cycle of a computer on a large scale. And, Motadata provides a comprehensive tool that handles all the aspects of Package or Registry Deployment efficiently.

The users can use the deployment feature to:

  1. Remotely install or uninstall the software across a large set of computers.
  2. Remotely manage the Windows Registry across a large set of computers. For example, you can disable the Chrome update remotely across all the computers in the Endpoint Scope using a Registry Template.

What is a Software Package?

A Software Package may refer to:

  • Package, in which the individual files or resources are packed together as a software collection. It provides specific functionality as part of a larger system.
  • Software suite, which provides an organized collection of multiple packages, or a package consisting of multiple separate pieces.

What is the Registry Configuration?

In a Windows machine, the Registry is a hierarchical database of lower level settings. It is used to serve as an archive that collects and stores the configuration settings of Windows components, Hardware, and Software. These configuration settings are retrieved by their respective Windows components, Hardware and Software at the time of startup.

The registry contains two basic elements: keys and values. The Registry Configuration created as a part of deployment has Keys and Values. When deployed, can manipulate the behavior of the Windows components, Hardware, and Software of a computer.

Benefits of the Remote Deployment

The benefits of having remote deployment are:

  • Package Deployment updates all the administered IT Assets with the latest software from the Vendor. This enhances the security and helps in preventing any internal or external cyber-attacks.
  • It also helps in conserving the bandwidth when a program needs to be installed in a large number of administered IT Assets. Software Deployment in the product happens from the File Server which means the main server has to upload the Package to the File Server and from there the Computers fetch it.
  • It offers new Packages with performance improvements and new features. Such enhancements increase the productivity of people using the administered Assets.
  • Having the latest Packages for all IT Assets (workstations and servers) prevents unplanned breakdowns due to a Software bug.
  • Using a Registry Deployment, users can fine-tune the behavior of the Windows OS across a large set of computers.