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Preset Dashboards

You can take a glance at these graphical representations of flow datasets to gain meaningful insights into your network. By default, this screen displays the information for all the devices sending their flow to Motadata AIOps.

Actions available on the preset dashboards

  • Select the Event Source Select the source(s) for which you want to display the flow data on the dashboard.

    Click on the Event Source drop-down at the top-right of the screen above the dashboard. The list of all the devices for which flow data is being sent to Motadata AIOps can be seen in the dropdown. Select the devices for which you want to display the data on the dashboards as per your requirement from the drop-down.

  • Take a screenshot of the dashboard Select to take a screenshot of the dashboard.
  • Change the time period of the flow data Select to change the time period for which flow data is shown on the dashboard

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