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Problem Management

What is a Problem?

Problems are the underlying cause of the incidents according to IT Infrastructure Library. When we work on an incident, it is also important to resolve the problem, preventing the future incidents and minimizing the damage.

Problems are widely classified into two categories:

  • Reactive Problems are the problems at hand. These are known problems in the system that have relationships with one or more incidents.
  • Proactive Problems are anticipated problems that might occur at a future date. They are the potential causes of incidents.

What is Problem Management?

As a technician, you can work on the problems anywhere anytime using a browser and Internet connection. In this system, problem management module offers you the following features:

  • Create New problems: You can create problems within the system.
  • View problems: View all the problems of your organization. This depends on your role. For e.g. if you are an HR, you can see the problems created for HR department.
  • Update problems: Modify the basic details of the problem.
  • Manage problems: Based on the role you can: claim problems, assign problems to others, archive problems, approve/reject problems, create and manage tasks, add relations, etc.
  • Control Settings as an Admin: You can control the behavior of how the problems are managed and who can do what.
Note: Above features are some high level features and is not an exhaustive list. The system offers much more features.

Start Your Journey With

  • Problem List View Page: This displays a list of problems along with their details. You can also search, export, refresh, and select the columns to be displayed in the grid table.
  • Create A New Problem: This explains how you can create a problem.
  • Problem Details Page Options: This displays the details of the problem. Also, it explains what you can do with a problem.
  • Admin Settings: This explains all the things you can control as an admin.