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Approval Workflow

A common business process requires someone to take decisions at different levels of a ticket cycle. Approval workflows make sure that no ticket moves forward without the consent of the concerned stakeholders. For an effective approval process, the tickets should have sufficient details that enables informed decision making.

Approval workflows function best when:

  • The workflow is triggered automatically when the ticket parameters meet the workflow conditions.
  • The system sends appropriate notifications instantly.
  • Allows technicians to remind the stakeholders.
  • Negative flow scenarios are properly defined.
  • Workflows are not always rigid to be dependent only on one person.

Approval workflows are easy to create in the system and do much more than the traditional paper based sign-off. Technicians can create manual approval requests while you as an admin can create automated approval flows. An automated workflow can be a simple condition and action statement or could be a complex one with multiple conditions and a series of approvers.

Types of Approval Workflows

Approval workflows are broadly categorized into 2 types:

  • Manual: The Technicians can create manual requests for approval. They can decide who will be the approver. It is useful when a request is not standard and requires additional inputs from the stakeholders. From the admin perspective, you can enable or disable permissions to create the manual workflow. When allowed, the technicians can create approval requests from the details page of a ticket.
  • Automatic: For standard processes, when the technician asks for approval, one can use default approval workflows instead of manually defining one. From the admin perspective, you can define different conditions that leads to the selection of approval workflows.
Note: The approval workflows are optional. They come into picture only when someone asks for approval. This means that technicians can work and close tickets without asking for approvals. You can also use custom rules to force the technicians for getting an approval.