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Default Dashboard

Whenever you log into the Technician Portal the Default Dashboard greets you. In the system, there are multiple Dashboards supported: Predefined Dashboard and Custom Dashboards; and any one of them can be made the Default Dashboard.

Predefined Dashboards are available to all users. Custom Dashboards are profile specific, meaning you can see your own (created) Dashboard plus the Dashboards that others have shared with you.

Accessing the Dashboard Page

Here, you can view all your Dashboards.

  • Log in to the Technician Portal. The default Dashboard will greet you.

Here, you can do the following:

  1. Predefined Dashboards: You can select the dashboard that you want to view. The options are: Helpdesk Dashboard, Asset Dashboard, and Patch Dashboard.
  2. Filters: You can select the date range based on which you want to view the data.
  3. Customize: You can customize the current selected dashboard.
  4. Manage Dashboard: You can manage the dashboard by enabling or disabling any of them.
  5. Export: You can export the dashboard details in PNG format. It captures the details that are visible on the screen.


You can filter the data based on the following criteria:

  • Time Filter: You can select a specific time interval based on which details can be viewed. The options are: Today, Last 7 Days, Last 15 Days, Last 30 Days, This Week, and This Month.
    You can also create a custom filter using which you can select a date range (Start and End Date) based on which details can be fetched.
  • Auto Refresh Interval: You can set the interval within which the details will get refreshed and viewed automatically. The options are: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes.

Once the filter is selected, click Apply and the data will be fetched accordingly.



To customize a particular dashboard, select it, click the Customize button on the top-right corner, and the below page appears.

Customize Dashboard
Customize Dashboard

Here, you can make the required changes like edit dashboard name, add widget, delete widget, add KPI, etc. Once done, click Update and a new dashboard based on the existing one gets created.

Manage Dashboard

To manage the dashboards, click the Manage Dashboard button on the top-right corner, and the below page appears.

Manage Dashboard
Manage Dashboard

Here, you can do the following:

  1. Search: You can search for the required dashboard based on keywords.
  2. Enable/Disable: You can enable or disable a dashboard.
  3. Re-Order: You can change the order of the dashboards appearing in the list using drag and drop.
  4. Duplicate: You can create a duplicate copy of the dashboard if required.
  5. Edit: You can edit the settings of the dashboard. You can also change the order of the widgets using drag and drop. You can edit only the custom dashboards and not the default.
  6. Delete: You can delete the dashboard if required. A confirmation message appears. Click Yes to continue or Cancel to stop the process. You can delete only the custom dashboards and not the default.