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Updating Contract

When you are working on a contract, you can update its basic details, parameters, other info, and various activities/actions associated with it. There are many approaches to update the contract details:

  • Inline Update from List Page
  • Update from details page

Inline Update from List Page

You can update the contract from the list page. From here, you can update its: Contract type, owner, and department. Clicking on the field opens a dropdown menu from which you can select a new value.

Inline Update of Contract
Inline Update of Contract

Update/Edit a Contract from the Details Page

To update the Contract from the details page, use the Edit Icon (Pencil) besides the name of the Contract and the below page appears.

Edit Contract
Edit Contract

Edit the required details and click Update.
For example, if you see the status of the contract as ‘Expired’, and you are willing to update the status to Active. Go to the edit page and extend the date of the contract. This extension will change the status of the Contract to ‘Active’.

For more details, click Contract Details.