Hybrid IT Monitoring

Leverage Performance Visibility of Hybrid IT Environment

Achieve 360 visibility of performance pertaining to IT workloads spread across on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

Manage Two Worlds in One Solution

Enterprises with modern IT infrastructure highly rely on interrelated technologies, including apps, networks, platforms, data centers, private and public clouds. This creates fragmentation with data collection and monitoring and the inability to foresee issues that might lead to downtime.

Hybrid Cloud Observability

Get complete visibility into interconnected technologies, which includes servers, routers, storage arrays, and anything software-defined.

Accelerated Deployment

Speed up adding resources by collecting performance data from any device and mapping its dependencies across the network.

Proactive Hybrid Monitoring

Allow enterprises to view issues that threaten their service availability and perform faster remediation process.

Complete Visibility Across On-premises and Cloud to Actively Diagnose System Performance

  • Access monitoring app of devices and technologies spread across your IT infrastructure.
  • Easy collection of data from dispersed sources using agent and agentless methods.
  • Monitor applications with prebuilt templates to ensure the optimum end-user experience.

Remove Blind Spots from Your IT Infrastructure

  • A unified solution that ingests metrics, logs and network flow data from dispersed sources and provides actionable data without the need for point monitoring tools.
  • Access data that you need the way you need without complex query language.
  • Collect metrics, logs, events, traffic, and streaming data using one agent.

Go Beyond Infrastructure and See App-to-Infrastructure Relationships

  • By mapping topology models, understand how each component is related to each other.
  • Perform app-to-infrastructure mapping to know the interdependencies between infrastructure and applications.
  • View real-time changes in IT relationships based on discovery protocols and traffic conversations.

Never Switch between Consoles to get a Correlated Picture

Perform Correlated Monitoring

Build better context from aggregated data for faster problem identification and resolution.

Avoid Expensive Downtimes

An effective monitoring strategy ensures quick identification and resolution of issues.

All-in-One Dashboard

Create a single consolidated view of network, server and cloud to identify actionable data.

Road to Modernization

Get a single tool that ingests data in different formats and provides correlation features and smart alerting.

Create Business Service View

Define which services are critical and SLAs to meet to create an order of priority.

Harness the Power of ML

Find anomalous service behavior and correlate them within a service context.

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