For Hybrid IT Infrastructure Monitoring Use Case

Manage the Complexities of a Modern IT Infrastructure

A unified solution for monitoring data workloads, applications, and services across the hybrid infrastructure.

Business challenges of a Hybrid IT Environment

The challenges of a hybrid IT environment depend on the organization and its specific needs. Organizations that heavily rely on traditional applications might need to consider consolidating their data centers. For others, it might be challenging to integrate the cloud-based apps with existing systems.


of organizations

will adopt hybrid infrastructure management by 2021.

Resolve performance and availability issues of a hybrid infrastructure with Motadata AIOps solution.

Motadata AIOps Solution for Hybrid Infrastructure

Overcome challenges of hybrid infrastructure with Motadata’s comprehensive AIOps platform.

Consolidate data for better insight

  • Excessive reliance on the legacy system might require an organization to consolidate its data centers for better efficiency.
  • This might generate a lot of noise that hinders the ability of IT admins to acquire insights into the performance of the infrastructure.
  • Motadata AIOps comes with intelligent automation that collects, cleans, and correlates data from a variety of sources, leveraging its AI engine, and shows a unified view on a dashboard for IT admins to make better decisions.

Integrate service management

  • Hybrid infrastructures have complex tech stacks which require constant monitoring to maintain a baseline performance.
  • Motadata AIOps is a holistic solution that provides advanced monitoring and alerting to notify IT admins of major issues and service desk automation to convert those issues into request tickets for faster resolution.

Unified monitoring solution

  • Integrations in a Hybrid Infrastructure create challenges for IT admins to collect data from dispersed systems.
  • Motadata AIOps offers a unified agent that automates the data collection processes. Once data is collected, IT admins can perform advanced processes like anomaly detection, predictive analytics, root cause analysis, etc. And visualize the data on a single dashboard.

Advantages for Hybrid Infrastructure

Make accurate and effective decisions and prevent service disruptions with Motadata’s AIOps solution for hybrid infrastructure.

  • IT Service Support Automation

    Automate the ticket-lifecycle management process.

  • Infrastructure Automation

    Automate critical processes like anomaly detection and performance monitoring.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Identify potential issues before they cause hazardous damage.

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